Cherie Eilertsen is not only a dynamic presenter, but also the new breed of entrepreneur & business person that is rocking the roots of SA business. She is the kind of speaker that all delegates want to hear. She is a highly successful business person & she delivers fast paced, content packed presentations.

Cherie delivers presentations that jolt, question, disturb & motivate – they make you think & re-think everything you are doing in terms of your business & how you are gaining & maintaining your client base. Her presentations are not for the weak at heart or those who are on a gravy train to nothing.

If you take your business & your bottom line seriously, then you should be listening to her presentations – they are roller coaster rides of facts & figures, coupled with enlightening & innovative ideas on how to make sure you don’t join the growing ranks of retrenched South Africans.

Cherie believes that if you are in business in SA today – you are in the business of "selling". She has been described as holding the attention of audiences varying from 200 – 2000 delegates with all the power of an inspirational evangelist.

Former Lecturer at the Centre for Highly Gifted Matriculants, & teacher in an American Summer Camp, Cherie was invited to be a TV presenter on SABC, she then worked under contract to Nedcor for five years as a professional speaker & trainer & addressed over 100 000 delegates under this contract.

Cherie is the author of several property marketing books; she has also produced countless marketing videos, audio cassettes, CD’s & DVD’s. Cherie launched a training club for sales people & the subscription grew to a membership of 14 000. Her Managers` Training Academy attracted 180 subscribing companies. Cherie has also been included in the "Who’s Who of SA" several times.

Cherie worked extensively with the IIB, UK (Institute of Insurance Brokers) including keynote presentations & numerous "sold-out" National UK Training Road shows, featuring Cherie as the only speaker. Cherie was selected from a world wide stable of speakers to present the “Across the Millennium Predictive Study” across the UK, & commissioned by the UK financial service industry, as part of the millennium celebrations.

After dabbling in bond origination, she launched a property investment company that grew to almost 200 member offices throughout South Africa. Her “Cherie Club”  www.cherieclub.co.za has over 14 000 members.
A blue chip client base of local & international companies who book Cherie repeatedly is testimony to her prolific material & dynamic presentation style. Cherie presented for Schwarzkopf International, speaking after President FW de Klerk & walked away with the best Conference Speaker Award. She has trained & coached tens of thousands of sales people.
Cherie has addressed the ILPA convention & the Multi Rand Forum in SA. Cherie has been involved in training in the UK for the IIB, Novell, Amey, General accident, Royal Sun Alliance, Bank Hall Associates amongst others & was selected as the only key note speaker for the Canada Life Presidents’ Convention.

She continues to infect audiences internationally, with her enthusiasm, well researched presentations & cutting edge insights.


What People Are Saying:

Western Cape - Just Property Group 

  • It was GREAT! I have so much to take back to the office. Got excited again! Thank you so much! – Nikki Cornelius CT 20 JUNE 2012
  • Most Informative talk in ages, well worth it.  CT 20 JUNE 2012
  • Most Exciting, interesting – straight forward talk I have had of all the talks head office has sent us to! Very well done! CT 20 JUNE 2012
  • The best info that shook my way of thinking – Hendrik vd Berg CT 20 JUNE 2012
  • Unbelievable ! Cherie is in a league of her own, would love to see more of her, very informative and straight forward. CT 20 JUNE 2012

KZN: Just Property Group 

  • Cherie is Dynamic and extremely Motivating – Belinda Albertyn. KZN 22 JUNE 2012.
  • Very Practical training – Concrete Ideas – Heather Gabriel. KZN 22 JUNE 2012
  • Loved this! Motivating & informative with really meaty things to work on. Roll on August! - Caroll Heyns KZN 22 JUNE 2012

Eastern Cape: Just Property Group 

  • Absolutely Stunning! – Lieb Du Raan. PE 19 JUNE 2012
  • One of the best Training sessions ! Thank you! – Andrea Stevens PE 19 JUNE 2012
  • Overall fantastic. Outstanding training and very practical .  – Tjiske Tissink PE 19 JUNE 2012

Gauteng: Just Property Group 

  • Very Interesting, info great. – John Turnbell   GAUTENG 21 JUNE 2012
  • Well presented, attention kept, Knowledgeable facts! - Audra van Wyk  GAUTENG 21 JUNE 2012
  • Was totally amazing – Joyce Venter  GAUTENG 21 JUNE 2012
  • Interesting, to the point, sharp – Nicky Hansen  GAUTENG 21 JUNE 2012


More testimonials below:

Cherie's talk was riveting to say the least, upbeat and resonated with me at many levels. Any company that is forward thinking must have her talk to all its managers and leaders.
Martina Letsoalo (ITMSA) Nedbank - 8 Sept 2011

I was working at an estate agency in Pretoria after having lost my work in the Cape. I was going no where with this agency. I attended one of Cherie's seminars in the Menlyn Mall and right there I realised I was in the wrong place. I resigned imeediately and did not even go back to the old agency. Pam Golding invited me to join them and I have not looked back! Cherie has such a lively personality! What I enjoyed MOST about her seminars was the christian approach to it. Gospel music playing before and after. And this is where she will find her continued Strength - in Jesus and HIs unconditional love for her! She is well loved by all us thousands of agents! Trust she will get better and feel beter soon. She is a real gem! Much love to her!
Regards Hans

Cherie has indeed touched my life in more ways than one.
She has been an inspiration to me.
Her vigour for life, her personality, her belief in God & being a Christian, her dedication to what ever she does, her knowledge - the research she does before she presents anything, her expertise, her passion & dedication for the real estate industry & the agents has not yet been matched, not too mention her speeches as you've mentioned are indeed well researched, captivating & moreover informative & have taught me much.

Cherie, I met you in 1995 at a CAPM course and you changed my life in real estate.  You introduce me to proper training and skills I never heard of in the 4 years I’ve been in Real Estate then.  You were ,my role model and every word, lesson or advice  given by you I have implemented and it worked.  I was a top agent for many years thanks to you. Thank you for stepping into my life and my career, I get so many positive feedback from clients and fellow agents about the way I am working that’s so different from the norm and I can only thank you for this. You have touch so many agents during your career and it will be a sad day when you are leaving the industry for good.
I miss you my friend!

Hi Cherie, We are missing you down here in Cape Town.   We need some of your GOOD spirit and motivation!!! When are you coming to visit us? The market is still battling, but you know what I just keep at it and write offers with delayed transfers so that the buyers have more time to save a bigger deposit or try to allow the owners who are not desperate to sell, allow the purchasers to rent for a year or two with delayed transfer. I am a Platinum like you!!!  Hulle se 'n Boer maak 'n plan maar ek is ½ jood en ek maak 'n plan!!   Was hoping to retire now at 60 so have put it off to 70! God is Good!!!
Love - Linda Weber (ouma)

Dearest Cherie,
Missing you my friend. Sending you this card with a few of many of the memories we have shared over the years. Met you at a CRS Celebration for the first time in 1992. You were on the "Star" panel and you were an inspiration to me then and you still are. Nobody in South Africa has ever impacted the real estate industry like you. You are an encourager and motivator of note. May the Lord be with you during the tough times and never forget that He will turn all things into good for those who love him and are called according to his purposes. We love and miss you.
Louis & Zarita xx

Good Day, What a beautiful sunny day it is here in Durban. We really do miss her enthusiastic, intelligent and glamorous spirit. I first got involved with Cherie way back about 1993/94 and did the CAPM course then.  I think she was ahead of her time, and all that have followed! I have her tapes (not CD’s) and until I changed my car, (with CD player) listened to them regularly. Recently she held a couple of Presentations at the Durban Country Club which I attended and found very interesting. I trust Cherie and her Team are all well and hope to see her again soon.
Janis McManus Remax Panache

Cherie did amazing things in my life as an Agent. I have learnt a tremendous lot from her motivation speeches, not even being an Agent and practice what she spoke about (it really works) but in my personal life at home as well. I really have changed in my thinking and doings. I feel all her visits have been beneficial  and I can and have put it in practice. Even her 2 books I have, wow, that was super. Thanks for sharing, and God bless.

Hi Cherie, Just wanted to let you know that I admire and respect you tremendously! I don’t know how you always manage to stay “on top” of everything, but I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your example and I have learnt so much from you in every training session I attended! Thank you and may you go from strength to strength!

Cherie, is nie net goed met haar agente nie, Cherie het my lewe so verander van die dag ek vir haar begin werk het...sy is so verstaanbaar en gee regtig om vir haar mede mense. Ek werk net vir haar, en as enige iets verkeerd gaan met my familie, is sy regtig die eerste een om da te wees. Deur Cherie se help sit ek vandag met n huis op my naam. Cherie is waarlik n baie groot inspirasie vir enige persoon wat in kontak kom met haar!!!! Baie regverdig met alles wat sy in haar lewe doen of aanpak!!! 

Cheri .....What a joy to listen to her talks there has never been a time in my 19 years of Real Estate (even though I have'nt felt like it sometimes) but have gone to one of her marketing/motivational seminars have come back so enriched..... You are a blessing to our industry Cheri .... Believe it cause its so very true!
Iris Winterbottom

Cherie has been a great influence in my real estate life!! To the point that exactly half hour ago I was going to send you an email asking you to ask her what would be the best way to approach school, creches etc to do a marketing deal with them where they pass you clients and they get some kind of referral!! Cherie you always rocked and I will never forget the energy when you walk into a room!! Let alone when you start talking!!!
Bonita Do Couto

Cherie has made a huge impact in my life.  I did not know if i wanted to go into the real estate, but after attending her sessions in Klerksdorp everything changed.  She's got such a beautiful spirit.  Keep up with your good work, the people really needs your encouraging talks!
Annelize Schalkwyk

“In 1963, Edward Lorenz made a presentation to the New York Academy of Sciences. His theory, called the Butterfly Effect, stated that a butterfly could flap its wings and set air molecules in motion that in turn would move other air molecules — eventually becoming able to influence weather patterns on the other side of the planet. For years this theory remained an interesting myth.”  However, in the 1990’s this statement was proofed viable! The writer takes the reader on a journey – where a decision made by one person changed the lives of hundreds of people and even nations.
Cherie – Thank you for impacting our lives in ‘n similar manner!  You would never know the Butterfly Effect you had on my life & I am sure countless other agents can testify to this, all creating our own butterfly effect.  Thank you for your generosity in sharing not only valuable information but also touching our hearts.  Even in my wildest dreams could I have imaged this possible. May you and your family be richly blessed, Ps 23. When I think of Cherie and all the training opportunities we have received so generously from her – it reminds me of the Butterfly Effect:Allow me to share the following from the book by Andy Andrews – The Butterfly Effect: “In the early 1960’s Edward Lorenz purposed: “A butterfly could flap its wings and set molecules of air in motion, which would move other molecules of air, in turn moving more molecules of air – eventually capable of starting a hurricane on the other side of the world.”  Now after years, this statement has proven viable!
Henriette Greeff

Thank you for all your great advise, motivation and inspiration. We at Urbanski Property realy appreciate what you are doing for the real estate industry. Remember, whatever comes your way, whatever you go through, know that there is always Somone holding your hand and directing your path. 
The Urbanski Property Team

Cherie hi you world class child of Almighty God! You are not only a legend you are a legacy – to both me, your kids, your staff and all those in the business communities that you have chosen to touch. Life is not about those who fall but is about those who get up and rise again – we all fall and indeed I have , but lets get a grip, take a moment to refocus and know that our gifts and talents are indeed our unique selling and differentiating factors and our networks may never be taken away. Just as far as the east is from the west so to is the Love of God and His Son our Saviour Jesus Christ for each of us and for you in particular.
Trevor Carty

I have had the pleasure of working with Cherie Eilertsen for a number of years and have always found her to be a great source of wisdom, spiritual strength and a bundle of energy.  She assisted me greatly in finding my feet as a graphic designer and expressed great patience in allowing me to make mistakes and rectify them.  She always showed great compassion to her staff and provided a pleasurable environment to work in. She also instilled a spirit of entrepenurship in all her staff and nurtured them to reach any goal. In all my dealings with Cherie as a client, her business ethics have been above reproach and she has shared with me her immense insight and knowledge regarding the property industry. Cherie is bound to succeed wherever life takes her!
Marlene van der Colf  

Thank you for the wonderful morning I was privileged enough to spend with you last Friday. As an ex teacher and public speaking coach, I was amazed at the fluency of your presentation and amount of knowledge in your presentation.  I will definitely implement your new ideas. I am looking forward to your next road show!
Mariaan Otto

Your positive energy flowing training session was awesome! I have always used positive energy to create a platform from which my clients can’t sleep at night because of what they experienced in my presentation of my products. You do exactly the same.

Hi Cherie, thank you for a brilliant presentation at Klerksdorp last week. Your presentation was inspiring but so energized that I was out of breath (I’m the greying 21 year old guy – to be exact: 21 years and 423 months.). I think it’s the 423 months that are catching up with me. Your mother is an example to all of us. Rev. Redge Cordington’s mother sent e-mails to all her grand children all over the world at the age of 92. Yip, that’s the way to go, I suppose. I am creating a PROSUMER site that will address the hardware and software needs of ESTATE AGENTS. Keep your fingers crossed! Kind regards (and I’m looking forward to your “Dead men wear white collars” lecture..

Hi Cherie, Once again the BIGGEST,GRANDEST thank you for all you've done for all agents, most especially me. I SALUTE YOU!!! Just wanted you to know I am in the process of securing laptops,  at a great price and needed to just make contact to discuss some. Important issues to conclude the deal. Supplier in Gauteng. My son and his girl were totally blown over at your last roadshow in Durbs!!! Xtra special regards to you and the team.
Dina Govender

Thanks so much for the great inspiring chat you gave us today. It was worth it , really. You just want to SELL SELL SELL. I have tried twitter , youtube and zoopy and only came right so far with zoopy, will go to the office tomorrow and see what we can do. Thanks again and to Kobus
Michael Gunn

I would just like to say thanks for another great motivational morning.
You talk my language with regards to technology and I cannot wait for Shaun to come to PE with the knowhow. Thanks for the advise, I started a fb market page about 3 weeks ago, you now encourage me to make more use out of it and I am trying to get my blog registered.... I think it is really scary to think what one should journal on there, but one step at a time.... will get us moving forward. I have registered with Seth Goddin blog as well. I am in a different market to the normal residential property and am seeking a different way to market smallholdings and farms, so it’s back to the drawing board.
Jacki Botha, Jacki Botha Properties

I just wanted to thank you for your very inspiring and uplifting talk today.  Your talk has come at the right time for me.  Glad to say, I have already signed onto twitter and created my own blog.  Will find something profound to say and put on it soon.  I'm sure I will find you on facebook as well.
Linda Willcock  Durr Estates

Thanks again for your excellent and inspiring seminar. I have been in Real Estate for the past 19 years and have always whenever possible, attended your brilliant seminars! You truly mean a lot to the Real Estate Industry, lead and inspire by example and we are all privileged to have you as a leader and trend setter!
Dr. Bambie Heiberg

Kim Woods

 “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the enormous influence you have had on the various divisions in the Group. Your address has a very powerful message & certainly jolted our personnel into positive action with a greater awareness of self-empowerment. Without a doubt, benefits to the personnel of any company are immense as they are encourage to accept greater responsibility for their jobs & to fulfill a more independent role within the company, thereby resulting in increased productivity.”
Carol Scott - Executive Chairman, Europcar
“Having been in property for 22 years now, I can honestly rate your Managers Training as the best I have ever attended.”
Keith Wakefield - Director, Wakefield’s, JHI, Durban
“I believe in investing in myself & my knowledge & I am always doing courses – so when I compliment you, I know what I am comparing you with."
Ria Beirowski - Manager, Cape Town
“I travel the globe & have heard hundreds of internationally acclaimed speakers. After hearing Cherie, I booked her immediately for our forthcoming conference in the UK . Cherie is a commercial visionary. She is nothing but an inspiration.”
Andrew N Paddick - Director General: IIB, UK
“A dynamic speaker exuding enthusiasm & practical tips to thrill any delegate who seeks to become a leader in their field.”
Joy Mansfield, Manager, Pretoria
“From this wealth of information, there are training ideas to last well beyond 1998. If my region uses a quarter of it, they will grow by 100%!”
Cheryl Hoffman, Regional Director, Avroy Shlain. 

Many thanks for this morning Cherie for providing an insightful, motivating & thoroughly enjoyable morning. I am truly inspired by what she has accomplished (clearly the first time I have been to one of her talks) & am sure to put in to practice things I am not currently doing! I will definitely recommend the next invitation to my friends & colleagues.
Mandy - RE/MAX Masters
Thank you so much for your inspirational talk yesterday, it was truly uplifting in a harsh kind of way! Loved every minute of it!
Kim Rauch - Rawson Properties- Tygervalley branch
Thank you for the amazing seminar last Thursday in Cape Town, I attended the afternoon slot. Thank you once again for the inspiration, I have been adding to my data base all weekend.
"It has been my honour & privilege to have known Cherie for the past 15 years. I have been in the Real Estate business since 1973, & in this time have never met anyone who even comes close to Cherie for her charisma, knowledge & total enthusiasm. What a lady, what an Icon."
Tony Precious

"Baie dankie Cherie, vir die groot verskil wat jy in die eiendoms bedruf maak en gemaak het, sedert 1992. (vandat ek jou ken). Jy is 'n FENOMINALE SPREKER!... EN MENS! Jy deel en gee graag nou jou kennis, sonder selfsug. JOU INSPIRASIE, MOTIVERING EN HOE JY JOU KOLLEGAS, BELEGGERS EN TOEHOORDERS INLIG, IS ONGEЁWENAARD! Ons dank die Here vir die wonderlike talente wat Hy jou gegee het. Gaan so voort!"
Daleen Cronje

"I have the pleasure of having known Cherie for many years & have always found it very inspiring to be in her presence. She is energy personified & her energy is most contagious. She has literally written the book on Real Estate & boasts an arsenal of proven training material which is always relevant as well as adaptable as the market evolves. She is a visionary who has the ability of identifying future market trends in advance. She is a gifted orator who has had loads of experience inspiring Real Estate Brokers, as well as Sales Executives from the financial services professions such as Insurance, Banking, etc. She is a specialist in advising & training on innovative campaigns in respect of property marketing locally, nationally as well as internationally & her methods get results. I will strongly recommend her to any individual &/or Agency wishing to elevate their career & organization to the next level."
Paul Retief - Durban

"I have no doubt that the various strategies initiated by Cherie during her consultancy contributed significantly to increased awareness of Nedcor & its products by estate agents, & had a direct impact on the growth of the mortgage book. The benefits of this initiative were not limited to the Bank, but the individual estate agent who attended Cherie’s training & motivational seminars & who implemented her ideas, experienced massive growth in their personal sales."
Mr. Bruce Swain - Nedcor National Manager: Estate Agencies 

Firstly on behalf of Live Out Loud THANK YOU for the  most inspiring talk I have heard in ages! You gave a room full of Women the most amazing talk at the Radisson Blu Ladies breakfast! You are an amazing speaker that I will defiantly be utilising at future events!
Candice Biller - Live out Loud
I just want to say that the presentation today was awesome and we want more so please can you add us to your database so we can come for the free seminars that you have and hopefully we can be inspired to be the best we can be.
Correcta Nhlapo, Travel Specialist
Her “not by word of mouth, but by word of mouse”  changed my business!  My income increased by more than  50% for the last 7 months!
Rikie Massyn
Hi Cheri,  You are such an enthusiastic  speaker.   After every session with you I feel like changing the world all by myself. May God bless you for your input in my life. Lovies
Loraine Terblanche
I have known Cherie for the 20 odd years What a dynamic lady Always spoke about her mom with love & respect My very 1st course in the industry was with her - 20 yrs ago! She has taught us so much - determination, always vibrant etc etc
Lydia Grobler IPC. PE
I have to been to many of Cherie's shows over the past years.  I have always found Cherie very inspiring, I  hope that she  will continue her good work.  
I know you must get thousands  of mail pertaining to the same .... just had to let you know that your presentation this morning in Durban was awesome .... I came away with a wonderful enlightenment for which I thank you . .. Stay as vibrant as you are 
Nato Puma - Wakefields
Dear Cherie and team, thank you for a brilliant morning. At last a creative way to make this industry come alive for me and a way forward from the SAME OLD, SAME OLD. Thanks for the wings to fly.
Kate Touche
Thank you so much for your inspirational talk yesterday, it was truly uplifting in a harsh kind of way! Loved every minute of it!
Kim Rauch - Rawson Properties- Tygervalley branch
"A truly professional speaker, dedicated to delivering a relevant message in a clear & concise manner. Her talks challenge conventional thinking & are highly recommended for any enterprise."
Ed Dibden - Director, Affinity Segment, Standard Bank
"As the largest Direct Selling company in South Africa, with an active salesforce of 18,000 distributors, we've been trained by outstanding local & international trainers, but Cherie is by far the very best trainer we've ever had."
Kathy Lyner - National Sales Training Manager, Avroy Shlain
“Cherie’s message is particular relevant for the times we live in, & applicable to any sales solution. She is one of the best motivational speakers that I have had the privilege of listening to in 30 years.”
Dr BDH Van Niekerk - Technical Director: Voermol Feeds
I would like to thank you for reminding us that times are changing & we need to change with it or miss out! At first I wasn't very sure if anyone had the power to inspire me...but now I st& before you & apologise & thank you at the same time... You are truly amazing! Once again many thanks to you for taking the time to share your knowledge!
Christina Odendaal - Aida Nelspruit
Thank you for a most entertaining afternoon & for putting so much into the presentation. We enjoyed it tremendously & you have kicked my agents in the right spot. My wife enjoyed your tremendous enthusiasm & passion & it gave her a much needed boost. (I always thought she was the only woman with a passion for the industry. A big thank you to your sponsors for giving us free access to you & Sean’s vibrancy. I think ERA Bloem is sold on you.
Jan van Vuuren - ERA Bloem
Thank you so much for that talk at the Durban Country Club on the 3rd of June. As always motivational, different & enjoyable. I have been a follower of you since you started in 1991. Both my husband & I did your marketing course (think in 1995), & to this day I am still using your book “Turbo charge your selling power”!
I just wanted to let you know that what we learned from you at one of your seminars opened a whole new way of thinking for us. We are an IT company & we believe that there might be some areas we could render our expertise to broaden your scope of thinking for the future. You are absolutely right that the old ways of marketing is nonexistent.
Johann de Villiers – Imprint Pc
“Well known veteran estate agent & developer Mike Spencer has worked with Cherie for many years. Cherie is an exciting presenter who is able to enthuse Principals & Agents alike. In a tough market Cherie is the “kick in the pants” than many of us need to get us up & going.”
Mike Spencer
"Cherie enters a room as if someone has shaken a champagne bottle & popped the cork! Bubbly, lively & always refreshing. Her energy & enthusiasm pervade the space. With creativity of Picasso she will astound you. Then point you in the right direction & take her leave. Suddenly you’re equipped to take on the business world with insight & vigor & tools of the trade. Hop on the bus…"
Bruce Lumgair