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Why Business Coachs need great content Part 2
Why Business Coachs need great content Part 1
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What is “experience” marketing?
Is conventional advertising dead?
What is meant by “people asset”?

What is a Centre of Influence?
Google Rules
Become a Master Networker

How are Networks changing business practice?
A surprising Power

Are Networks the Future?
What is key in Online marketing?





Welcome to part 2 in your 5-part series about what it takes to be a top business coach.

Last time, you read about the importance of having compelling, powerful content that gets results.



The second element you need in place is a methodology that sets you apart as a coach.

 Research reveals that a top reason why a coach gets hired is because he or she has a proprietary methodology that addresses the business owner's most compelling problems.

 However, most coaches struggle because they don't have even a single methodology -- and don't know how to create or get one.

 A good methodology includes three things:

1. A framework about how to solve a pressing problem.

2. A process that gets results.

3. An outcome that provides tremendous value to your clients.

 As a coach and trusted advisor to your clients, you need a methodology that provides a proven, efficient pathway to results.

 We give you methodologies to do just that.

 You start with our proprietary CASTLE Model for Business Growth, which you can use and/or adapt and even put your logo on.

 You also get methodologies for behavioral coaching, perceptual coaching, developing a powerful strategy, resolving conflicts, developing a succession plan, managing time, gaining leverage so that the business is worth more, and developing leaders to take over the business over time.

 Even better, you get the knowledge you need to create your own methodologies and really set yourself apart as the go-to professional in your market. For instance, you get two templates you can use to create your own methodologies.

We even work with you, one-on-one, to help you develop your own process - including guidance on how to package it so that you attract clients.

That's a great segue into the third element of what it takes to be a successful coach....

a solid business development strategy to build your firm. Stay tuned....


Until next time



Welcome to the first in a five-part series about what it takes to be a top business coach.


The first element of the successful business coach is compelling, powerful content that gets results for business owners and their management team. Sadly, most coaches in the market are lightweights. They go through "coach light" training programs that teach them nothing more than how to ask open-ended questions.
Or, they pay tens of thousands of dollars to a franchise company for a few simple frameworks that might apply to a Main Street retail outlet at best.
You have to be able to help business owners handle their most pressing problems.
WHAT KIND OF CONTENT? The Institute for Business Growth content that you get -- and can use with a perpetual license -- includes: • Worksheets for business owners to set and achieve goals in the 10 key metrics that make or break every business. Without these metrics in place - which cover revenues, profits, and cash flow -- the business owner won't know if he or she has a viable business or not, and does not control the destiny of the organization. These metrics have much more impact than the historical information that an accountant or bookkeeper provides.
• A set of strategic questions that every business owner has to answer in order to successfully compete in his or her marketplace. (Once you know how to help your clients dominate their market, business owners will rave about you).
• Tools to help business owners reconnect with their passion for the business.
• A new way of looking at how the business owner(s) spend time, so that your clients completely change the way that they lead the business. Once you learn how to look at time in this new way, you can help business owners increase the value of their business geometrically!
• Nine leverage points that every business owner needs to use in order to grow the business smoothly and be more effective - even if the business owner is on vacation or decides to take a day off.
• The secrets to becoming a "magnet" for top talent, and keeping the talent long term.
• Hundreds of tactics to increase revenues, profits, and cash flow.
• A spreadsheet filled with tools for business owners to track and improve progress.
• Coaching frameworks to help the business owner engage the executive team and employees.
• Coaching tools to help your clients communicate with impact, so that everyone is on the same page.
• Frameworks and tools so that your client can develop new generations of leaders, and put a solid succession plan in place.
• Coaching content to eliminating behaviors and perceptions that demoralize employees.
• Tools for your clients to have powerful insights about their leadership style, and how to get even better. You get an instant tool kit of deep, powerful content that business owners need in today's gut-wrenching economic times. That way, you can demonstrate instant value to your clients, and develop clients for life.
DO YOU WANT TO BE A COACH? If you like the content and think that you might want to join The Institute for Business Growth, contact me directly. A live international certification program will be presented in South Africa 31 May – 3 June 2012, by the founder Andrew Neitlich. CONTACT Email:
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. Give thanks for your blessings. Until next time…..

Cherie Power Coach

Welcome! Taking advantage of some Business Coaching, or deciding to become a business coach, is a very smart decision. There are thousands of business owners who are struggling to make their businesses grow profitably and increase the value of their investment. Many of these entrepreneurs do not have a formal system for running their business. They are constantly fighting fires and focusing on minute details, rather than taking the time they need to systematically step back and look at the key success factors for long-term profitability.
In short, they need a business coach. A business coach is a seasoned professional with a toolkit for helping business owners grow their business more profitably, and create a valuable enterprise that runs on its own, without needing the business owner to be present. You will soon find that business owners want to hire a business coach for any of the following reasons:

  • Take advantage of your profit-making and growth strategies to improve bottom line business results and the value of the business.
  • Learn how to use leverage to work less and get better results.
  • Recruit, develop, and retain top talent without struggle – and build stronger teams.
  • Create a high performance culture focused on accountability and results.
  • Re-engage a passion for the business.
  • Continue to develop professionally in a safe, highly efficient environment with a competent, trusted peer.
  • Have someone to hold him or her accountable for achieving ambitious goals and results.
  • Take a step back and see the big picture instead of reacting to fires, in order to develop effective strategy and business plans.

On this site, you are going to learn a proven system and methodology for coaching business owners to be more successful, or simply for use within your own company.
We will begin with the orientations, or attitudes, which a business coach needs in order to succeed. Then we will explore the coaching process and some common types of coaching conversations. Next, we will get into the heart of the business coaching methodology.
Until next time…

What is “experience” marketing?

Experience marketing is when a product is presented or marketed in such a way, that it is an emotional, encompassing, involving & emotional experience.

Experience marketing involves the target market.  It includes the target market. It appeals to the senses in a way that is important to the audience,
& not the just the marketer.

Experience marketing is an event. It is not just a product transaction. It goes beyond the transaction & enters a whole new realm.
It sweeps up the target market & takes them on a journey. It is more like a story than an advert. It is more like the feature film than the ad break. It works!

When last did you lead your target maket through an experience?

Is conventional advertising dead?

If not dead, it is dying. The audience has changed. Their likes, needs & wants have changed. Their attention span has changed.

For advertising to work, it needs to adapt to its changing market. The ads of yester year will no longer interest or captivate the target of tomorrow.

Ads today, need to speak directly to the interest of the reader. Social media allows advertisers to know their target.
It facilitates & enables a transparancy which allows for direct, targeted, niche, specific advertising,  to particular segments.

Your ads are working, if they are talked about. They are working if they are watched or read by “choice“. They are working if they are passed on, & googled.
They are really working if they go viral.

  • Rethink your advertising

  • Rethink your target

  • Rethink their interest in your product

  • Rethink your message

  • Rethink your delivery

What is meant by “people asset”?

What assets have you built in your business?

As the world collapsed around us, I believe that many companies re-assessed their assets & a new mindset emerged.
Yesterday’s world counted “things” as assets. Today, more & more companies are looking at their people asset, & understanding the power that lies within.

Each customer, follower, fan, friend, client… is a blessing. Each one potentially links your business to their fans, friends, followers… Harvest the crop!

What is a Centre of Influence?

Whether you call it your Centre of Influence or your Sphere of Influence doesn’t matter. It  is your database of friends, clients & customers.
It is your network & your gold mine. It is made up of people who:
like &
trust you,
& therefore the people most likely to refer  & to support you.
Build a strong network & then, make the NET WORK!

  • Get permission

  • Add value

  • Ask for referrals

  • Get permission

  • Add value

  • Ask for referrals

  • Get permission

  • Add value

  • Ask for referrals

It is done consistently, repetitively, & systematically.


Google Rules

The old economy was governed by pre-Google rules. The new economy is governed by post-Google rules.

  • Marketing is different.

  • Advertising is different.

  • Delighting customers is different.

  • Newspapers are yesterday.

  • Online marketing is tomorrow.

  • Networking is the new gameplan.

  • Pipelines are your business.

  • Portals give way to platforms.

  • Customers want to converse.

Are you ready for the ride?

Become a Master Networker

Networking is a daily activity. It is not a once off activity. It takes dedication, requires commitment & reaps repeat rewards. If you plant the seeds,
the flowers come up
! Simple truth of networking. Some tips to get started:

  • Identify your networks.

  • Target them.

  • Niche them into like minded groups.

  • Communicate with them.

  • Invite their friends to join.

  • Communicate with them.

  • Foster strategic alliances within the network.

  • Avoid “one size fits all” interaction.

  • K.I.T.     Keep In Touch

How are Networks changing business practice?

A real POWER networker accesses many different social networks to exercise maximum influence & power.
We are all part of somebody’s network – like it or not!

  1. Linkage is unavoidable

  2. Our information is collected every time we transact

  3. Connectivity creates opportunity

  4. Viral is the new X-factor

  5. Overnight success stories will become the norm

  6. Networks thrive in cyberspace

  7. Barriers give way to pathways

A surprising Power

Think of your current resources. How many of them translate into a network?

  • Your cell phone directory is a network.

  • Your Facebook friends are a network.

  • Your Twitter followers are a network.

  • Your Linked-in associates are a network.

  • Your email inbox is a network

  • Your past customers/clients are a network.

  • Your current customers/clients are a network.

  • Your alumni are a network.

  • Your sports club is a network.

  • etc etc etc

Work your net to see your net work!

Are Networks the Future?

The power of tomorrow’s companies lies in their ability to Network.

The future belongs to those who understand Networking.

The income lies hidden in the ability to unleash the unlimited potential in the connections which the Network offfers.

The real power of the Network is in the duplication factor -

  • I receive

  • I like


Are you building a Network yet?

What is key in Online marketing?

The key to efffective online marketing is found in one simple word, “CONNECTIVITY” Successful online marketing campaigns are those which:

  1. Go viral

  2. Start conversations

  3. Are referrable

Before beginning an online campaign, build a pipeline of people who know you. Warm campaigns outdo cold campaigns.
A warm campaign reaches people you know. If your campaign or mailout or blog post is successful, then the people who already know & follow you,
tell other people who they know, about you. In this way, you duplicate your base & add new friends, readers &  followers, who are referred by others.

Start your blog today. Share information and people will want to connect with you

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