Cherie has been the keynote speaker at conferences all over SA, in just about every industry and on most continents beyond our shores.

Her most popular topic is “Does your Present have a Future” and addresses most specifically, the value which intermediaries need to add in order to become “undownsizable”. It talks through the client cycle and the need to create referral business through value added service and relationships.

Cherie moves the delegates through global shifts, which will affect them i.e. a shift from entitlement to accountability (An old market of entitlement, where they were entitled to a job, an office, a string of on-going leads etc., all provided by somebody else… into a new market of accountability, wherein they are the masters of their destiny, and are accountable for cost & result).

Cherie will deal with the shift from paperwork to peoplework (An old market wherein your success depended on your ability to do paperwork, to a new market wherein your success depends on your ability to do peoplework, hence the focus on mastering the skill of creating, maintaining and sustaining relationships with people who buy what you sell). Cherie also talks through a hi-tech world wherein hi-touch is required.

She will work through the shift from the time & effort economy, into the results economy, wherein one is judged, promoted, rewarded for result, and not for the time and effort put in. (i.e. A worker can no longer arrive with a body temperature of 37degrees and a beating heart, and think that that entitles them to a salary).

This might sound like a heavy presentation, but its in fact a fast paced, inspirational wake up call. Definitely not same old same old.

Cherie’s talk is typically rated as the best at any conference, and as such, she offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. She will need at least an hour of podium time, as the topic is tough and she will need time to build trust and to sell the message in such a way that it will be acted on. Delegates will not be bored. Cherie will require a briefing sheet to be filled out in order to tailor the talk to ones needs.

By the way, Cherie has run her own company with hundreds of salespeople, infrastructure, salaries and costs, so she is not your typical “motivational” speaker, who has only ever operated a one man/woman show.

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